The Mystery of Christ.

   God's Mystery.

Christ in You.

If we only could realize what this Scripture means: ‘Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.’ We know it is the truth, but we really don’t understand it. What is in you that is greater? It’s Christ, the anointed! God, who was in Christ, is in you. So, if He is in you, then it’s not you any more living, it’s Him living in you.


Genesis 14 tells how the city of Sodom was ransacked by the king of Elam (Persia). Lot and his wife and children were captured and carried away to the north. Abraham assembled a fighting force of 318 men who pursued the king of Elam and defeated him in battle. Thus Abraham rescued his nephew Lot from slavery. After the battle, a priest named Melchisedec came to Abraham, blessed him, and then ate bread and drank wine with him. In return, Abraham paid tithes to Melchisedec, giving Him a tenth of all he had. This story would be mysterious enough just from the Genesis account, but in Hebrews 7 Paul writes that Melchisedec is the King of peace and righteousness, and He didn’t have a father or mother, neither beginning nor ending of days. Who is this mysterious person? Brother Branham explained that Melchisedec had to be God Himself, because only God had no beginning. Melchisedec was God’s theophany appearing to Abraham in order to pre-figure Jesus Christ. It was not Jesus like we see Him in the New Testament, because Jesus had a Father and a mother, and this man had neither. Jesus had a beginning; this man didn’t. Jesus gave His life; this man couldn’t, because He was life.

Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed
Who is this Melchisedec
Christ is Revealed in His own Word

   Our Kinsman Redeemer.

Kinsman Redeemer.

The translators when they were putting together the books known as our Bible, nearly left out the book of Ruth. It is a love story, and is very beautiful, but God is hardly mentioned. It was this fact that caused them to nearly reject this book as inspired. However it contains in ‘type’ the story of a kinsman redeemer, Jesus Christ being our ‘near kinsman’ who was able to pay the price to redeem Naomi (who represents the Jewish church) and by so doing gets Ruth (a gentile bride) who represents the Christian church. Thank God that we have such a redeemer as this one. There was a closer kinsman (our old nature) who chose not to redeem in order to not have the stigma of marrying Ruth. This left our Boaz (Christ) free to redeem his bride. This is the reason Christ had to be ‘born of a woman’ so that he could be our Kinsman.

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   God's Plan.

God's Plan.

When God created the universe, he had a threefold purpose in mind. First, he wanted to reveal himself to people by expressing his attributes. he couldn't do this as Jehovah God who covers all space, time, and eternity. He is so deep and mysterious that no one could ever comprehend him. How could they understand a being that always existed? So, he expressed his fatherhood by becoming the son of man. That is why Jesus called himself the “Son of man.” God wanted to identify himself with human beings by revealing himself in Christ.

God wanted to live in people, and thus have preeminence in a body of believers he calls his bride. Originally he could do this in Adam and Eve; but then sin separated them from his presence. Why didn’t God just keep Adam and Eve pure? If he had, he could never have expressed his full attributes. He was a son, a savior, and a healer, which he could only express through Christ. See? All things are wound up in that one person, Jesus Christ. God’s great purpose has always been to reveal himself - first in Christ as the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and then in a people who will embrace Christ’s Holy Spirit. These special people will make Jesus Christ preeminent in their lives. From the beginning God has worked tirelessly toward this goal, so he can be glorified in a people who will give Jesus Christ preeminence; that is, the position above or before all others.

Thirdly, God’s purpose is to restore his kingdom back to the garden of Eden, so that his people can walk with him again in the cool of the evening, like Adam and Eve did before the fall. To this end, God has expressed himself through the ages as a father, a son, and a Holy Ghost. The father and the Holy Ghost are the same spirit. Do you get it? It isn’t three gods; it is one God expressing himself in three attributes. God expressed Himself in Jesus Christ, who was father, son, and Holy Ghost - the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Now the fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in his church (his bride), and she gives him preeminence. All that God was, he poured into Christ; and all that Christ is, he pours into his church (individual believers.)

   Jesus - A Spoken Word Birth

A Spoken Word Birth.

Jesus was a spoken-word child. He wasn’t conceived through a sexual act, but through God’s spoken Word. (Inside Mary’s womb God created both the egg and the sperm that fertilized that egg, so genetically He was fully human, but His parentage was strictly divine.) Since He didn’t come through sex, Jesus didn’t have to die; but He did die in order to pay the debt for Adam’s sin. That’s the only way it could have been paid. Nobody else could do it, because everyone else was sexually born. Like Mary, those people who are predestinated to be part of the collective Bride of Jesus Christ will first receive the Word in the womb of their minds.

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  The Greatest Sin

The Greatest Sin

There are two types of Sin.
Lying, Stealing, Murder etc, are sins of "Commission."
Things that people do.

The greatest sin, however, is a sin of "Omission", where people have NOT done something.

Good people, who think, "I have lived a good life ... I haven't committed sin ... Surely God will accept me?"

But what they did NOT do was accept Gods free gift of salvation, through Jesus Christ dying for them. And they do this because of Unbelief.

The greatest sin is Unbelief.

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  The Scripture Saith...

Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

Colossians 1:26-27

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