The Rapture is Coming.

  Elijah the Prophet

Elijah the Prophet

In Malachi 4:5-6 God said He would send us Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. When Jesus was asked why the teachers said Elijah would first come, he told them that Elijah would come and restore all things. Then he told them that Elijah had already come and identified John the Baptist as him. When John was asked "who are you ?" he said "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness". This was Isaiah 40:3. So a man anointed with the spirit of Elijah had to come and "restore". We believe that William Branham was that prophet to restore the things that had gone off into error. You may think that sounds strange, but God proved time and time again that this was no ordinary ministry, with visions, supernatural acts, even the raising of the dead ( after certified by doctors ). We are right at the time of the return of Jesus - the dreadful day of the Lord.

  Brother Branham's Angel Commission

Angel Commission

One night in 1946 the angel of the Lord met Brother Branham face to face and told him he was ordained to take a gift of divine healing to the world. The angel told him he would be given two signs to prove he was sent from God. He soon discovered that the first sign was, by its very nature, physically taxing, holding the hands of sick people, feeling the vibrations of their deadly diseases traveling up his arm to his heart. In those early days of his ministry he would pray for hundreds of people a night until he felt dizzy and would almost faint from exhaustion. Then the second sign came and it turned out to be more physically tiring than the first sign. When the anointing of the Holy Spirit began to discern the troubles of people, each vision drained so much of his energy that he could only pray for about 15 to 20 people a night. The angel said if he could get the people to believe him, no disease could resist his prayers. When he had protested that people wouldn't believe him because of his lowly status, then God had added the two signs for proof of his commission.

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55-0117  How the Angel came to me.
The acts of the Prophet - The Angel Appears.

  The Pillar of Fire - Houston 1950

Pillar of Fire

William Branham.

In Houston, Texas in January 1950, an amazing photograph was taken by the Douglas Studios. In the photograph there appeared a light above the head of Brother Branham in a halo like form. The negative was examined by George J. Lacy who was the examiner of questioned documents, in order to determine whether or nor the light could have been the result of improper exposure, developing or retouching. The investigation served to completely authenticate the fact the the brightness was caused by light striking the negative. This picture has hung in the Hall of Religious art in Washington DC, as the only supernatural being ever photographed.


  53-0509  Pillar of Fire. - William Branham

   The Scripture Saith...

Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Malachi 4:5,6

  The Cloud

The Cloud

On December 22, 1962, a full two months before the cloud appeared, Brother Branham received a vision while sitting in his den in Jeffersonville, Indiana, one of thousands of visions that he had received in his lifetime. On December 31, 1962, he related this vision to his congregation in the Branham Tabernacle, in Jeffersonville. His words were heard by approximately six hundred persons present that night and recorded on tape as he brought his sermon entitled “Sirs is this the time ?” He told how in the vision he was on the side of a mountain, removing a cocklebur from a trouser leg, when suddenly he was shocked by a mighty explosion, then visited by seven angels. He admitted to the congregation that he didn’t know the meaning of this vision. The vision troubled him exceedingly, and in the weeks that followed he mentioned to others that perhaps God’s purpose in his life had been fulfilled and he was to be killed in an explosion. He wondered if these angels were to bear his body away as had been done for Moses.

Shortly after this experience of the vision, he moved with his family to Tucson, Arizona and took up residence there. He preached a few sermons and began to fit into life in this desert community, but still the vision haunted him. Was his time soon to be up ? When would it be ?

True to his nature as an outdoors man and hunter, he found himself enjoying a favourite sport of the area, the hunting of the wild desert pig known as Javelina. It was during such a hunting trip that the disturbing vision was fulfilled.

The date was March 7, 1963. It was morning and Brother Branham had set out from camp to help his bretheren and fellow - hunters, Brothers Fred Sothmann and Eugene Norman, locate the elusive Javelina. As usual he had already been successful in the hunt for his animal. He climbed to a ridge, having directed the others in the path they should take to encounter a herd of the pigs which he had seen previously and would force them down to them. Resting atop the ridge for a moment, he noticed there was a cocklebur on his trouser leg. Shortly after he had reached to remove it, a blast shook the mountain and as the ground quivered beneath him, he jumped in the air, not knowing what had happened or what to expect next. There in the sky above him, appeared seven tiny dots, like airplanes. Less than a wink later these dots materialized before him - a pyramid of angels with a mighty angel at the top and three smaller angels down each side. Just as Paul said that he was caught up into the third heaven, so Brother Branham related that he was “caught up” into the midst of this angelic constellation. It was at this time he was given the commission: “Return back east from where you came and by revelation and vision, God will open the seven seals that have been sealed in mystery since John the revelator wrote them in the book of Revelation!”
[Book of Revelation]   [The Seven Seals.]

The brothers with him knew of the vision and they had experienced the quaking of the mountain, but, to my knowledge, were not aware of the presence of the angels. Brother Branham charged them at that time to tell no man what they had seen and heard. Leaving Tucson on March 13, 1963, he returned to Jeffersonville. From March 17th through the 24th, he began the most outstanding and enlightening series of sermons ever known in the church.

Taking one seal each night, he, by the direct revelation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit each day, preached the mysteries of God which God had promised Daniel would not be revealed until the time of the end. This was that time spoken of in the scriptures, the end time, and God spoke through his prophet as he had always done, but this time the word came in a way of revelation that had never before been spoken to man. The bride was shown that many of the things that they were looking for were already past. It was already time for the bride to “make herself ready.”

If you examine the photograph of the science - baffling cloud you can see the face of the Lord Jesus Christ in it, looking and facing the east, with hair like wool, as John the Revelator had seen him. He appeared not as a young man as he was when he hung on a cross at thirty-three, but as he who is the judge of the world. It may be difficult for some people to receive, but does it not say in the scriptures in many places that when the son of man is revealed, when he appears, there will be clouds?

... from Acts of the Prophet. - Pearry Green

Download :   "Is this the sign of the end Sir"

Read the full account in   "The acts of the Prophet" - Pearry Green.

  Doing God a Service

Doing God a Service

Many people desire to serve God, but don't know how. They make a mistake by going about it the wrong way.

In 1Chronicles 13, David desired to do God a service, by bringing the Ark of the Covenant back from Kirjathjearim. All the leaders, and the people agreed. The Ark was carried on a cart pulled by Oxen. On the way, the Oxen stumbled and the Ark was about to tip off the cart. Uzza put forth his hand to stop it and the Lord smote him dead. This happened, because the Ark was supposed to be carried on the shoulders of the priests, not on a cart. This was David, trying to do God a Service without it being His will. He wanted to serve God, but going about it the wrong way.

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  7 Compound names.

7 Compound names.

God has many titles. (There are over 700 in the Bible.) There is a group of these titles, that are called the "Seven Compound Redemptive names of Jehovah".

Just before the picture was taken of the Pillar of Fire, in Houston Texas, Brother F. F. Bosworth had just asked this question, "Do the 7 compound names of Jehovah, apply to Jesus Christ?.

"Yes" was the answer.

In the beginning, God had given Adam the task of naming things. [This is still continuing today]
At different times in the Bible, believers had given names to God, defining His characteristics, especially when He had met their needs.

Brother Branham preached this series in July 1962.


We would see Jesus.
Jehovah Jireh 1.
Jehovah Jireh 2.
Jehovah Jireh 3.
A super Sign.

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