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Good News

Jesus died

for your sin.

 The Supernatural Cloud

The Coming of the Son of Man.

"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers...
saying, Where is the promise of his coming ?..."

Someone asked Billy Graham a question..."Is Jesus coming on a cloud, or on a white horse?" A good question. He thought. Then answered "A white horse." This is the image of the return of Christ - To Rule and Reign. So where does the cloud fit in ?

The Cloud

The Forerunner

Before the First Coming of Christ, God sent a Forerunner. This is to be repeated before the Second Coming of Christ.

Could you recieve him ?


How can I receive

Divine Healing ?


Red hot metal from an explosion in a metal foundry created this machine. Yeah - Right. (It had a Designer and a Creator). How much more the complexities of Life shows there is a Designer ?

The Seven Seals

The Mystery of the Horsemen
of the Apocolypse
(The Seven Seals)

Seven Church Ages

The letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation Ch2 and Ch3 are a prophecy, representing periods of Church History.


Now, to my text, to break back upon the subject that I want to take: "There"... the four words. Let's explain "There." There, the most holy city in the world, Jerusalem, there, the most religious city in the world... "There they," the most religious people in the world, at a religious feast, the feast of the Passover. "There," the most religious spot, the most religious city, the--the greatest of all the organizations, the head of all of it, there they, the most religious people in all the world, had gathered from all over the world. They crucified, the most shameful death that could be--a person could be killed--naked, stripped the clothes from Him. He--He despised the reproach. They... The crucifix has a--a--a rag wrapped around Him, but they stripped his clothes from Him. The most shameful... "There" (the greatest religious city) "they" (the most religious people) "crucified" (the most shameful death) "Him" (the most precious Person).

William Branham -   The Indictment   63-0707M P33

  The Scripture Saith...
And the gospel must first be published among all nations.

Mark 13:10


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The Supernatural Cloud

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There is the Asian Pacific Conference - Kerikeri coming up in October.

There is the Eagle Christian Fellowship Leaders Retreat & Convention - Lalomanu, Samoa coming up in December.

There is the Shekinah Tabernacle Convention coming up February 2016.

There is the RFBF Convention coming up in March 2016.

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